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TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation stands for the medical term which is used to refer to the use of electrical current to affect and stimulate nerve endings in a way that it can effectively reduce pain or serve different medical functions. Electrical charges are given to the different pain areas. Portable TENS unit are the term given to compact battery charged devices which is designed to serve these functions and can be easily transported to one place to another.

History of TENS unit

The history of TENS unit trace back to the ancient times when applying current to a small area in the body was known as a well known local anesthetic. Greek physicians of the ancient times used to place electric eel on the various pain affected areas of the body. There have been numerous studies where it has been seen that patients benefit from temporary as well as long term pain causing problems by the use of these specially designed TENS unit. Patients have remarked that TENS unit offers valuable pain relief solutions without any side effects which is commonly associated with modern pain medications.

The ability as well as the effectiveness of the TENS Unit lies in activation of the opioid receptors of the central nervous system. With the help of high-frequency electrical charges which is applied via TENS machines, reduction in the central neuron takes place. TENS unit provides low frequency electrical emissions which properly activate receptors of serotonin. One of the fruitful outcomes of these processes is instant pain relief solutions.

Usage suggestions for portable TENS unit

It is very important to learn the usage suggestions for the operation of TENS Unit which are portable.

  • It is important to ensure that the device is completely charged before using it. It stops certain inoperability during various pain relieving session.
  • Apply a certain amount of gel to the bottom of the electrodes present in your unit. This will ensure proper electrical flow for optimal results.
  • Properly place attached electrodes skin surface right above the area where one desire relief from pain.
  • After ensuring the devices is all right and correct, turn the TENS Unit on. Most portable TENS Unit has automatic timers which switch them off after a certain period of time.

Where to buy portable TENS Unit?

The technology of the TENS unit have been around for quite a sometime and the technology for making them portable has worked out very well. That is reason why this product is widely affordable and available. The main thing you should know before purchasing the TENS Unit is what you want it to do. The more features you want the higher the price will go up. There are some units which has dual role of effectively simulating the muscles providing you two components in just one package.

The prices approximately range from $23.00 with basic 2 to lead 3 and may vary accordingly with the increase in functionality.

Keep in mind that with better brands comes better quality so as to make sure that you are getting quality products. Carefully analyze the brands and look for ones you know. Reputed companies spending a lot on advertisement do not waste money by providing shabby products. They will undoubtedly provide top quality with proper service departments dealing with various sorts of defective items.

Now if you are purchasing a product online, make sure that you read the product reviews. People who have used the product can surely give you the best possible feedback on it. Moreover they can also shed light on any types of problems which are faced by them.

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